ISSOCOTE IR (Alcohol Based Coatings)

ISSOCOTES Thixotropic spirit based coating
ISSOCOTES are ready to use, thixotropic coatings having high solids, with excellent suspension characteristics. They ensure excellent surface finish on steel, cast iron & copper based castings.

ISSOCOTES coatings, because of higher filler to solvent ratio, covering properties excellent. The high refractory zirconium silicate in ISSOCOTES ensure good casting finish free from metal penetration and sand fusion

Easy mixing due to excellent suspension properties. The surface weakening is reduced due to low carrier & high gel. This makes ISSOCOTES suitable even for organic binders.
Recommended for Steel, alloy steels, heavy section cast iron & Copper based alloy castings.
Good casting finishes and reduced fettling costs.
Higher coverage :
Due to higher filler to solvent ratio gives better surface coverage.
Easy preparation :
Excellent suspension and easy remix ability of ISOCCOTES coatings ensure rapid preparation even with manual mixing.
Universal application:
ISOCCOTES can be used for large number of metals and all types of binders.
Standard packing -
ISSOCOTES IR : 40Kg. Polycarboys. [Steel Castings]