CORXIL-1 (Alcohol Based Coating)

Cores and moulds produced by carbon di-oxide process, retains its strength even at higher temperature. This retained strength makes removal of cores very difficult. For ease of core removal and mould break downs.
Corxil-1 improves strength of core, surface finish of the castings and the knockout properties.
Generally 1.0 to 1.5% of Corxil-1 is sufficient to give good collapsibility. The amount of Corxil-1 to be used depends mainly upon the type of alloy being cast, the amount of liquid binder used, the type of the sand and casting configuration.

For good results, while mixing, it is necessary to add Corxil-1 before addition of sodium silicate.

  • Reduces fettling time of cores and moulds.
  • Improves casting finish.
  • Reduces tendency of hot tear and distortion in castings.
  • Produces sand amicable to reclamation.
  • Does not deteriorate on storage.

Standard Packing 225Kg.barrels.