GENX (Water Based Coatings)

GENX is a brick red coloured coating produced from specially selected fillers of Mica, Wollostonite, Sillimanite and Aluminium silicate with water as liquid carrier. Due to its mineral composition a smooth and clean surface finish is obtained. The application of wash is by spraying or dipping or swabbing.

  • GENX is mainly for resin bonded cores, No bake as well as Shell moulding.
  • No need of use of mechanical blenders.
  • Only by hand, material can be mixed thoroughly.
  • For dilution water can be used.
  • For dipping an efflux time of approx.14-16 seconds measured with B4 cup.
  • For spraying an efflux time of approx. 15-18 seconds with B4 cup.

Technical Data

  • Density[20oC] :-Approx.1.25-1.35 gm/cm3
  • Solid contents :-Approx.50%
  • Efflux Time :-Approx.14-18 seconds by B4 cup

Packing 30kg.Carboys
Storage Stored in a cool place